Well, I just looked at the conference registration fees for Level Up – the student rate of 80 euros (approx $92 US) is only for BA and MAs. The fees for PhD students – 250 euros (that’s after joining DiGRA for 30 euros). That translates to about $290 US (plus the $40 or so for joining DiGRA).

The conference dinner is another 60 euros (around $70 US?) on top of that. So, total just for registration is around or just below $400?

I’m really curious – do PhD students make more in Europe than they do in the US? Does that seems to be a lot of money for conference fees to anyone else, or am I just behind the times? Do European PhD students get travel and conference funds?

I think we can apply for a one-time $300-400 travel grant in my Dept., but with those fees, that means all other expenses – airfare, hotel, food, etc – are straight out of pocket. Ikes.

Note: Realizing that tone of voice is difficult to discern at times, I am asking these questions with sincerity… I’m really curious what kind of support is offered to other grad students both in and out of the US.


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  1. George says:

    That’s a lot of money, Jason! In addition to English Dept funds, check out the Goldhaber Travel Grant:

  2. dms says:

    i know this isn’t the right place to post this comment but i’m not sure if you read comments regarding posts that were posted so far in the past.

    i want to post to deliver you a RETROACTIVE PUNK AWARD jason.

    a while ago you mentioned that you downloaded the new radiohead and looked forward to listening to it. and then, i think, you were silent.


    it is an amazing work of art. it is, i would say, the best piece of post-911 art and certainly the most beautiful piece post 9-11, that we have seen to date. amazing, confusing, confused, bitter, pissed, hopeful, brave: it is art.


  3. MNR says:


    I am an incoming PhD in Digital Studies student at UMD who lives in Buffalo, about an hour outside of Toronto (usually less). I am actually going home that weekend and, if you need a ride and place to crash, I can accomodate assuming, of course, that neither of us finds the other particularly, um, irritating. Anyways, I sent you an email about the GEO. Use that address to reply if you’re interested.

  4. Jason says:

    David – you are right. i am, retroactively and proactively, a punk 😉 Are you already in the Netherlands? And yes, thanks to the handy bit over to the right, I see all recent comments, even if they are on old posts….

    Marc – Thanks for the offer – and welcome to UMD! I’ll get back to you on email shortly, although I warn you – I’m especially irritating 😉

  5. Jason says:

    And David – did you *read* the comments after my radiohead post?!? It kept the 8/10 on the rhody-rad-o-meter…

    Once I get to a record store, I want to buy the album, to hear the richer tones…

  6. dms says:

    retroactively and proactively and FUTURACTIVELY.

    er, ok, i didn’t see the 8/10 rating BUT THAT STILL MAKES YOU A PUNK. that disk is a 10 my friend.

    dig it: it’s the only album i’ve heard 10-15 times and still have no idea what the songs sound like. it is truly an amnesic album. and that is good. it mirrors the landscape of the USA: all forgetting.

    iole and i bail for amsterdam july 15th. two months there and italy.

  7. Jason says:

    Lucky bastard. Have fun – where in Italy?

    I agree on the album – and oddly, I’ve never thought amnesia as aesthetic before – always more an anesthetic – but perhaps it is both… Either way, I need to get back to listening – I’ve honestly been limiting myself to NPR lately and I think I just need to groove 😉

    I heard you were in town, by the way, but I won’t slap you with a fine, since it sounds like it was a shortshort visit. Punk.

  8. dms says:


    i was indeed in dc, for about 36 hours for a meeting. sorry we couldn’t see each other. is it me, or has dc turned into HELL? it’s quite a spectacle to see a city of republicans, but it’s quite another to see a city of young republicans and simply unbearable to see a city of young, CONFIDENT, AND GLOATING republicans. i’m not joking. i found it terribly depressing. i know that blogs, esp academic blogs, aren’t exactly safe spaces for emotions, but damn, my quickie with the district was sort of miserably depressing.

    on a much brighter note, iole and i will spend most of our italy time touring all over the place, her favorite cities and towns, rome of course, and a slice of heaven called Civita di Bagnoregio (pop. 9).

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