I just need a week or two to catch up on all the stuff being published, shared, and presented about games. Too many blogs, lists, and message boards, too little time. Thanks to Andrew Stern’s thanking of “Greg Costikyan’s latest post,” I too just discovered the “intense” conversations on the DIGRA listserv, especially some fascinating debate on interactivity (list archives require registration).

Also tons of stuff on the Digital Arts and Culture conference blog, as well as news of the new Center for Computer Games Research at the IT University of Copenhagen.

/Edit/ To add, here is a good game.slashdot list of links to summaries of this year’s e3. I followed some things, esp. Worlds of Warcraft, as well as news about Turbine (who won e3’s best developer of the year award), but didn’t get to follow the whole event. /End Edit/

/Edit #2/ Add yet another thing to watch on the list – looks like GrumpyGirl is setting up a collaborative, fictional blog – Exit Page Left. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. /End Edit #2/

Ditto to Andrew’s statement: “Damn there’s a lot to read on the web these days.”

Meanwhile, on a personal note, I just accepted a position at the National Endowment for the Humanities in DC working on the Edsitement project, a collection of online humanities resources for K-12 teachers. I’m excited about the position, which not only strikes me as a natural extension of my continued work in applied humanities computing, but also will nicely alleviate the financial strain common to graduate study. Instead of trying to juggle a research assistantship, freelance web design, and occasional teaching gigs, I get to focus on only two jobs – the NEH and writing my dissertation (plus my family, but that’s a pleasure, not a job). I just need to find out how to blog on the metro.


4 Responses to Could Someone Hit Pause?

  1. dms says:

    wow, great news about the new gig jason! sweet. when does it begin?

  2. Lisa says:

    “Could someone just hit pause?”

    Ah, a sentiment I can relate to. And then I find you linking to the excellent Exit Page Left project, which I’m kibbitzing at, and going to work for the NEH on a really cool initiative (esp. for someone who’s been “in education” for 20+ years…)

    Dang, another blog to follow. It never stops.

    I wish you great things with the new gig…

  3. Jason says:

    David – Gig starts June 9, so finishing up MITH work and pushing to finish my last few degree reqs so I can “officially” be ABD.

    Lisa – thanks for stopping by and for offering the well wishes … I’m looking forward to following Exit Page Left. It sounds like a really fun experiment.

  4. George says:

    /voice type=”burns, montgomery”/

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