Been a slow posting week or two (end of semester craziness, even though I’m “done” with coursework), but stay tuned – with the Matrix on my eyeballs (both film and game), the series finale of Buffy just hours away, and recent (offline) conversations about games and disciplinary boundaries, I’m bound to write something soon 😉

One quick note: earlier I posted about Turbine (makers of Asheron’s Call & Asheron’s Call 2) taking on Middle Earth Online, a forthcoming MMoRPG. Well, they also signed on for Dungeons & Dragon’s Online – forthcoming in 2005. I’ve always been fond of the AC 1 engine, feeling that the interface suited me much better than Everquest. I found AC2’s engine beautiful, but hard on my system, which discouraged me a lot in game play, leading me to shelf my Tumerok Healer until I decided it was worth shelling out some clams for even more RAM. Since I’ve followed Turbine’s development since AC was in beta, I’m very curious to see how things pan out with the derivative Middle Earth Online and D&DOnline, especially since original content has always been one of the central aspects of what I’ve liked about their work.


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