If I had the time, and the money, and the computer, I’d be all about City of Heroes.

Misc. is back from a sorta longish non-vacation. Details may or may not follow, depending.

Meanwhile: an abridged and edited recap of recent life. Baby near-crawling (need to update the family blog with cute pictures), eating solid food, and being super-cute (when she isn’t fussy). L is teaching a class starting tomorrow, so lots of office clean-up and prep all ’round. We both started low-carbing, because we’re tired of that sluggish feeling [enter winning smile here] (trademark; I hire out to do commercials – contact my agent). Busy schedules, leaving little time for writing or play or media consumption.

Sometimes, it would be good to be a superhero. Impervious. Superfast. Leap tall piles of laundry in a single bound. If only you could really get it for a down payment of $49.99 and monthly subscription of $13.95 (topic of future conversation: how the world is subscribing me to death).


4 Responses to Hero Worship

  1. natalie says:

    Welcome back, J. 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks Nat. 🙂

    And since I forgot it in the main post:

    Allez Lance!

  3. fritz says:

    you’re MY hero, J. well, either you or Boffo the Superclown. but, i’m gonna prolly go with you. [enter runner-up smile here] (copyright; jason rhody. all rights reserved.)

  4. Jason says:

    When I go months without a haircut and my hair starts flipping out batwing style around my ears, I sorta look like Bozo the Clown, but he’s no Boffo and he’s no superclown.

    So I’d probably go with Boffo.

    But thanks all the same; I don’t mind being second fiddle to a superclown. 🙂

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