Arrived around 12:30ish. Bus from airport took a while, but the driver was kind, and met another conference attendee on the way. Finally got to my hotel, which is nice enough, after a rather long jaunt from where the bus dropped me. Dropped my bags and zipped over to the conference, where I caught the last bit of the 2:00 panel. Went to the 3:45 panel on blogging afterwards – you can find my inquiries about that on Liz’s post (in the comments).

A little social gathering afterwards, where I mingled for a while before retiring for this hasty blog post.

Apologies for the curt reporting – burning time on a hesitant network, so trying to post before gettting booted. The little iBook I’m typing on, however, makes me want to buy one (which is probably why Apple supplied a bunch for the ‘conference lab’). Quiet keyboard, small but useful screen, and a built in linux terminal. Everything I’d need for a portable (games are meant for desktops…)

Now, time to find some dinner, having realized that I haven’t eaten since about 6am…


3 Responses to AoIR (Thurs)

  1. fritz says:

    thanks for the update j. i’m glad you made it safe and sound. best of luck to you on saturday.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks Fritz! Sorry I missed out on the festivities 😉

  3. Marc says:

    Hey — I forgot to direct you to some cool areas of the T.O. In case you haven’t heard (and have the chance– the public transport in TO isn’t bad), check out Queen St. East (I think its East– it has a gym on the corner and is a left if you are coming into the city by the dome) and Bloor St. (down a bit to the left off of the Main St. with the Eaton Ctr. on it). Nice bookshops, reaturants and record stores. Very good prices as well.

    If you happen to get this after you are back, well, um, sorry.

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