NE of DC, things have been relatively quiet. Lots of rain and wind earlier in the day, with fairly moderate rainfall and wind this evening. Friends NW of DC have lost power; apparently 660k or so in the area (Northern VA, DC, and MD suburbs) are without power, according to news sources.

My family in the Yorktown/VA Beach area reports that some areas have seen heavy flooding (particularly those near rivers and water sources affected by the tide). They did loose power, but no flooding for them (unlike with Floyd, which apparently dumped a lot more rain).

Residents of Poquoson (not far from Langley Air Force Base, near Hampton, and about a 10 minute drive from my folks’ house) were encouraged to evacuate. My mother told me that a lady refused and is now sitting in her attic, watching 5+ feet of water flood her home and reportedly having seen a small home floating down the street.

I’m waiting to see how the next few hours pan out, but it seems like we got off pretty light overall in DC. News reports show lots of downed trees. I heard chainsaws for about two hours – looking outside, I saw police on BW parkway, presumably clearing trees that fell across the road.


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