This is an open thread so that we can troubleshoot the new upgrade, pose questions, offer suggestions, and discuss new functionality. Here is a link to the MT 3.2 User Manual. I’m reading through it and trying to learn the new ropes. I ask others on our server to do the same.

For any readers out there who know MT 3.2 well – I’m still trying to understand the spam prevention system in MT 3.2, and frankly am feeling a little lost without Blacklist. Can anyone explain how this works or point us to some resources? Offer more suggestions for spam prevention? Thanks

And here’s where I’ll put recurring issues and, if possible, solutions:

Issue 1: Can’t delete comments; have to re-log into MT; other issues or bizarre behavior of this nature.

Solution: Clear your browser cache – and specifically your cookies. Restart your browser. Check to see if issues have resolved themselves. If not, leave a comment below.

A few links about MT’s new spam prevention system:


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