A few interesting tidbits to consider in The New York Times article Is the Pen as Mighty as the Joystick? [free registration required; link will expire].

“It’s like writing a travel guide to a place that doesn’t exist,” Mr. Hodgson said. “Whereas Frommer’s guides tell you what hotel to stay in, I tell you which hotel not to stay in because you’re going to get dragged down by a gangster.”


“The first thing I thought was, ‘I need a map,’ ” said Mr. Hodgson, 33, who spent the first part of his time getting to know New York and New Jersey, where the game is set. With help from the company, he also familiarized himself with a range of weapons, the best ways to blow up buildings and how to extort various characters. There are 50 to 60 ways to murder people in the game — from running them over with cars to garroting — and many ways to shake down a merchant.

Not much to add right now – I’m on limited time. But I wanted to note the article for its focus not so much on the use of guides, but on their creation.


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