There are times when phrases that our daughter uses pop into my head when writing. All to frequently recently, the phrase is “I stuck!,” as in “I stuck Daddy!” when she’s trying to get out of her high chair, or when she can’t quite get her shirt over her head.

And it’s always useful, when I’m staring at a screen full of broken prose (quite literally broken, as I tend to write sentences, break them up, and scatter them across the screen waiting reassembly) and I’m not quite sure how to clarify an important point, and I keep hearing that voice repeating “I stuck, I stuck” in my head, to remember that in every single instance, our daughter has, in fact, managed to become “unstuck” and continued merrily on her way.

Sometimes, it just takes a little effort, or a few seconds breather, or a friendly hand. Or for me, occasionally, a quiet jot of writing in another forum, before turning back to the task at hand.


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