At MLA, Chuck told me about the following article at Inside Higher Ed :: What the Press Editors Want:

“We’re looking for interdisciplinary work that will go beyond the MLA/cultural studies audience,” Armato said. That means hot areas include media studies, research on video games, and analysis of graphic novels.

Emphasis mine. In both senses.

The trend towards theory-informed, but not theory-heavy (putting aside, for the moment, the problems that might come with such a distinction) certainly appeared prevalent:

Using language that in various forms was suggested by editors from numerous presses, Catapano said that she was looking for books that were “informed with theory,” but “not the heavy theory of a decade ago.”

Others talked about the theory issue in different ways, but many spoke of a renewed sense of caring whether people outside a narrow theory specialty could understand a work. “We want work that is as accessible as possible,” said John Easterly, executive editor of Louisiana State University Press. “We want literary theory with less jargon, that is comprehensible,” said Charlotte Wright, managing editor of the University of Iowa Press.

I’m sure I’ll have future thoughts on this, but for now I’m mostly posting a ninja-link and heading back to writing. You know, my manuscript on video games (to all those editors out there).

[Thanks Chuck for the article reference.]


2 Responses to What the Editors Want

  1. vika says:

    COMICS! I’m glad that academe has caught up with this part of the world JUST IN TIME FOR MY DISSERTATION.

    This self-indulgent post is brought to you mostly by the fact that this is a pretty good short series. With Very Interesting melting-together of different stories and Other Deviations from the “original”.


  2. jason says:

    I know. Games, comics … it’s an all-out revenge of the nerds! It will be interesting to see how this plays out in actual job opportunities, for both of us…

    And thanks for the comic reference – I’ll have to add it to the list of things I get to read *after* I finish a full draft of the dissertation.

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