The BBC presents The Seven Noble Kinsmen: A Shakespeare Murder Mystery, a game where you “take the role of ‘The Critic’ and solve a series of bizarre murders.” Jay Is Games has a review, and the link was gathered at Wonderland. Looks intriguing… by it’ll have to go behind my current play (or, in some cases, replay) list: MediEvil (PS), Grim Fandango (PC), Half-Life 2 (PC), Desert Combat (PC – mod of Battlefield 1942), Planescape:Torment (PC), Halo (Xbox), Castlevania (original ported to GBA), Katamari Damacy (PS2), and (when I have time) an unnamed beta test of an unnamable (due to NDA) MMoRPG.

A bit of a full plate, game-wise. You’d think I was writing my dissertation on them or something.


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