Just a few months after releasing an expansion pack for the game, Turbine announced that they were


2 Responses to AC2 Shuts Down

  1. Ryan says:

    What does happen to the ruins of an online game? can it be saved on a server somewhere to be toured, a lonely explorer strolling through the otherwise soulless ghost-town of game play?

    Even that image conjures up a materiality that oversimplifies the issue, but like the closing of a theatre produciton, underscores the ultimate ephemerality of the ludic text. It also, I think, asks us to think of game play in some of the same terms as history, of a peopled world now gone, or altered beyond recognition, but constructed and reconstructed in memory and parting screenshots.

  2. Jason says:

    Well, I’m not really sure. There have been some attempts from fans of other games to recreate the world on their own server, but with AC2, I find it unlikely that Turbine (the company) would allow this, since their game engine is part of what makes them money. The AC2 engine also is likely either the same or similar to the engine running their two forthcoming MMoRP games coming out: D+D Online and Lord of the Rings Online. I doubt they’d want their code out and about.

    Which means, I’m guessing, that the world will disappear, leaving – as you say – only reconstructions and parting screenshots.

    In any case, I doubt Turbine made many fans by the move, since they just released their expansion pack for AC2 a little while ago. Thanks for your $30… we’re closed.

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