I started an account for the BBC IF/game Jamie Kane. “Jess” (a character) emailed me and invited me to the message boards. While I’ve only read a little bit, one thing that strikes me as somewhat odd is the diachronic nature of the board. The timestamps are only a few minutes apart, and yet the conversation flows in a normal pattern, with characters carefully responding to the previous post. Most of the message boards I’ve participated on usually developed a different pattern, with some comments completely ignored, while others generating several synchronic responses. Not this linear give-and-take.

Maybe it’s just me though…

UPDATE: the chat session you have with Jess is the same way. You can’t keep typing when she is typing (your window is covered by an animation that indicates she is writing a message).


4 Responses to Jamie Kane

  1. Steve says:

    Yes, it’s a load of rubbish and whilst tryig to be ‘real’ falls down on a number of levels.. not least the fake interaction via the messanger experience.

    Say what you like and the characters just keep reponding with their pre-programmed dialogue.

    The puzzles are quite well done though.. some inventive usage of sound, games, animation etc.

    Overall…. 7/10

  2. amy says:

    i love this game its very realistic the way the charecters respond to what you answer the only problem is the day wait between the e mails its too long! overall 9/10

  3. bex says:

    surely if a game was too close to reality it would cause a few people to lose touch with the small line between reality and that other little place in which they’d like to live. In my oppinion the game is a wonderful creation, and the responses in the virtual messanger are brilliant, it’s easy to tell that much thought has been put into the sort of responses the target age group may provide. However this is my first experience with such a game so maybe i am less qualified to speak.

  4. sarah says:

    i think the game is ok! i have done two emessenger thingys on the first i quite offened jess by saying i was a working ho! mistyped! lol!

    she didnt like that and asked if it was hard work etc


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