David is an old friend working on an important project. I believe several herders participated in this event last year.

The September Project ( http://www.theseptemberproject.org )is a grassroots effort to encourage public events on freedom, democracy, and citizenship in
libraries on or around September 11. September Project events are activities of reflection, discussion, and dialogue about the meaning of freedom, the role of information in promoting active citizenship, and the importance of literacy in making sense of the world around us. Events take place on September 11, on the weekend of September 11, or throughout the month of September. In other words, whenever it works best for your library and community.

Libraries around the world are collaborating with organizations to host public and campus events, such as: displays about human rights and historical documents; talks and performances about freedom and cultural difference; and film screenings about issues that matter. Over 100 examples of events can be found at: http://www.theseptemberproject.org/pastevents.htm For events tailored to a more academic audience, please visit:

Currently, over 160 public, academic, school, and institute libraries in 13 countries are participating. Participating countries include: Bangladesh, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Nepal, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, the US, and Venezuela. You can view a map of all participating venues here:

If you plan to offer programs that explore these ideas, please sign up. Signing up takes a moment and places your library on the map of participants. Please visit: http://www.drizzle.com/~klockner/cgi-bin/tsp/2005/venue.cgi

I hope you and your colleagues will consider participating in this project, and please let me know if you have any questions and suggestions. Respectfully,

david silver


2 Responses to The September Project

  1. david silver says:

    > Currently, over 160 public, academic, school,
    > and institute libraries in 13 countries are
    > participating.

    hey, your data is 5 days old! there are now over 270 libraries in 14 countries. =)

    i still hope that university of maryland will participate and/or maybe MITH.

    jason, thanks for blogging us and helping to spread the word!

    ps: i enjoy the images of your family — evie is an angel.

  2. Jason says:

    David, Always happy to help out an old friend (which includes working on a long-overdue review – I promise it’s still on my radar).

    Hope you are well.

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