Though I have been doing work on the web for over five years now, I’m still find myself amazed when I explore the design of another person. The simplicity and elegance of movabletype is astonishing. The beginning page lays empty, wordless, flat like a deflated balloon. The standard html template is made colorful by stylesheets, yet lies empty and awkward without the requisite words to flesh the body, fill the style’s skin, forcing the organs and bones into proper alignment.

All of which to say, I need to flesh out my blog. The skin sags.

[what is he talking about you wonder? see the deflated site ]


2 Responses to Fleshing Out

  1. dms says:

    “The skin sags.”

    have you considered using lotion?

  2. Jason says:

    It puts the lotion in the basket. It does as it’s told or it gets the hose again.

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