In a lovely nod to all those dissertating students at the University of Maryland, many of whom are taking only 1 credit of 899 (dissertation credits) to keep Stafford loans at bay while staying enrolled, campus decided to increase ABD students’ tuition by nearly half [PDF]. ABD students, starting Fall 2005, will pay a “flat” rate of $650 per semester in-state ($1200 out-of-state), rather than $371.

Hello inflation.

That’s right. A targeted tuition hike, hitting the people who for years provided nearly free labor, at a University that has raised tuition so many times in the past four years that they are almost keeping pace with the DC-area housing market. A University that is one of the most expensive public universities in the country.

What the hell?

If you want a taste of irony, this news item falls right under the one highlighting Graduate Student Appreciation Week.


3 Responses to University of Maryland Tuition Hike

  1. MGK says:

    I’m sorry. That bl*ws.

    Your DIGRA paper, however, is excellent, and I should have some comments for you soon.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks Matt, on both counts.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to give it a look.

  3. gzombie says:

    That’s disgusting news. Indefensible.

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