The line wasn’t too bad – in total it took us just over an hour or so to cast our ballots. Maryland is using the new electronic voting machines, which were simple to use, though I stand by my desire for a paper record.


Since I can’t put my “I Voted” sticker on the blog, I thought I would photoshop a simple one – feel free to use it on yours, although I ask that you upload it to your server rather than feed off of mine (except wordherders, of course, who are using the same server).

There are four different options (two sizes, border or no border) for this voter blicker (a “blog sticker,” see…) below the fold.

Speaking of stickers, after you vote, go download Scott and Nick’s sticker narrative, Implementation – but not before you vote!

UPDATE!: Be sure to add your voting narrative to Chuck’s collection, either through trackbacks or comments.

[w: 96, h: 115, no border]

[w: 96, h: 115, with border]

A slightly smaller version:
[w: 63, h: 75, no border]

[w: 63, h: 75, with border]


2 Responses to Voting

  1. chuck says:

    Jason, can you trackback to my blog entry on first-person voting narratives? I’m sure that some of my readers would want these virtual “I Voted” stickers. If not, I’ll try to create a link tonight….

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