Jumped over to slashdot for a quick technews fix only to see their post about changes to MT’s Payment Schedule – which even with the $149.95 Personal Edition only allows for a maximum of 9 authors and 10 weblogs. The commercial license, which is what wordherders would need at its current levels of support, costs $600.

Ha. I ask herders for $12 a year total just to help offset what I pay for the server space.

Had I known this was going to happen, I would have set things up quite differently, giving each herder their own installation that would have allowed them to maintain up to 3 blogs apiece (but only one author).

Currently, most herders (at least the ones housed on my server space) blog from the same installation, with the same MySQL database. All of this was done for ease of setup on my part, since this was a labor of love done in my “spare” time.

I also wish I had downloaded the most recent patches (2.661) rather than waiting just for 3.0. Anyone have the 2.661 installation?

I will say – I don’t begrudge paying for the product and had planned to suggest that we all chip in extra for our yearly wordherder fees in order to send a check to sixapart… but it’s frustrating when you set up a certain infrastructure without realizing that future support might prove incredibly costly (either in time, to switch, or money, to upgrade).

I guess we’ll stick w/ 2.64 for a while… and hopefully not break any rules in doing so?

[Edit: Wow… quite a string of trackbacks on their announcement post …]

[Edit #2: scribblingwoman has a thoughtful post about the situation]


4 Responses to MT Changes & Wordherders

  1. prem says:

    cmon join us at WordPress =)

  2. Jason says:

    You guys must be having a field day ūüėČ

  3. Tricia says:

    You can get 2.661 here:


    Who knows how long that will stay up.

  4. Jason says:

    I saw that, but they also said that their 3.0 Dev Edition is just using 2.661 code for now.

    Which left me wondering, if I install it, does it include the new updates (including the restrictions). B/c if it does… that would really screw us up.

    But thanks for pointing out the link. Maybe I’ll try a test run on a separate install before upgrading.

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