Kwame delegated, but he did not manage. Even if he didn’t know he could fire Omarosa, he should have at least taken her to task.

I totally respect a laid back manager who doesn’t micromanage. But if your people aren’t getting the job done, you need to (if you wish, in a calm, laid back manner) step up and get your ducks in a row. Saying “I expect them to do their job” isn’t leading them to getting that job done. I think that’s the difference between a manager and co-worker.

I’m bummed, because I really liked Kwame and because I think Bill’s a jerk.

And Omarosa is crazy as hell. I thought her head was going to pop off during the live sequence. Did anyone else notice that she shoved Heidi awful hard and laughed a little too loudly? “I’m so confused … am I hired, or am I fired .. hehehe.” Lady, you’re the only one who’s confused about that…

Enough. I’m tired. (can i trademark that?)


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