Check out the new P5 glove by Essential Reality.

I’ve long held an interest in the role of the body not just as a textualized, abstracted entity, but as a physical materiality in relation to media objects. In other words, I’m entranced by how we react to media objects – how we read, watch films, play games. What does our body actually do, and how do media objects help form habits, manipulate our bodies, and so on (Hayles might call these “incorporating practices”). I’m interested in all sort of reading, writing, watching, playing performances – interactions. The P5 reminds me of that failed Nintendo product of the 90s – the Power Glove. Hopefully, the P5 will fair better.

Lest we forget other fun game peripherals: the Nintendo Power Pad!

From the Power Pad instruction manual (source):

“Persons with heart, respiratory, back and joint problems, or high blood pressure or under a physician’s direction to restrict activity should not use the Power Pad without a physician’s advice. Pregnant women should not use. Serious personal injury can result.”

7 Responses to Hands On Gaming

  1. Matt says:

    Very cool. Now I _really_ want to see a chapter on ergonomic approaches to new media . . .

  2. Jason says:

    Yeah, I need to convince Lisa that I need a “research budget” for that chapter 😉

  3. George says:

    Can’t you apply for a grant or something? Or better yet, write directly to the company and tell them your research will be great publicity for them!

    It’s interesting that some of the most innovative devices for interacting with data come from the field of gaming. We otherwise seem to be stuck with the monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers model of computing (PDA’s notwithstanding).

    I wonder if you could hack this glove to allow you to take notes while you read (or listen to a lecture) w/o having to put both hands on the keyboard.

    I’m only half-kidding.

  4. roid says:

    you don’t need much of a budget to grab this glove now. it’s only $15 , still just as cool though.

  5. Jason says:

    Hi Roid – Where do you get it for $15? I don’t see it … the website lists 80-ish?

  6. roid says:

    hmm, compugeeks was the store that sold it for under $15, but they seem to be outof stock atm. DOES seem to have it instock atm. but unfortunately it’s a few bucks more there at $25US.

    or you can always try ebay, you can often get em real cheap there.

  7. Jason says:

    Thanks Roid!

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