The new issue of Information, Communication & Society [abstracts available; fulltext limited to subscribers] is game-centered, with the following articles.

Mapping the Bit Girl: Lara Croft and new media fandom by Bob Rehak

Boundary Spaces by T. L. Taylor, Beth E. Kolko

The Video Game Lightning Rod by Dmitri Williams

Aside: I was on a panel with Dmitri at the latest AoIR conference, where he spoke of his research on social relationships – online and off – in MMORPGs. He continues to bring some much needed perspective on the current status of research related to games’ effects on behavior, both in his dissertation as well as on the Games Research Network listserv. His dissertation, which I will not claim to have read yet, is available for download at his online CV

Geography of the Digital Hearth by Bernadette Flynn

The Sims: Real Life as Genre by Diane Nutt, Diane Railton

From Pong to Planet Quake: Post-Industrial Transitions from Leisure to Work by Hector Postigo

Playstation and the Power of Unexpected Consequences by Alberto Alvisi, Alessandro Narduzzo, Marco Zamarian


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