We started “Birth Class” last night, where we learned that for women to have a successful birth, their husbands should give them daily massages.

There was some other useful information there too. Like, if you want to write a science fiction novel where men are able to give birth, not only do you have to provide them with a uterus, but you would also either have to have them give birth by C-section or provide them with a new pelvis.

All of which suggests to me that certain science fictions should remain … fictions.

We also learned that 10cm is really much smaller than it should be.


2 Responses to Baby Classes

  1. david says:

    hey, RIGHT ON MAN! the more you learn, the easier the delivery is. i think. pure opinion.

    much love to all three of you.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks David. 🙂

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