Here’s a link to the print Proceedings of the Level Up DiGRA Conference [PDF].

And here’s wishing I could have gone … sounds like a great line-up; some of the folks I met at AoIR, and they were great. I’ve read the work (and blogs) of many others. And I was really looking forward to having an excuse to finish my paper.

I haven’t found much blogging about the conference yet, so if you see any details, please post the URL in the comments.

EDIT: Florence Chee’s paper made it into a Reuter’s story (link via Yahoo!).

Of course, the paper is about addiction to Everquest. The press loves this stuff. Heck, even Oprah loves it!. The article mentions the “world’s first interdisciplinary games conference” (which I think is slightly inaccurate, but whatever), but fails to mention Level Up! by name. The only reason I made the connection? The location listed at the beginning of the article: “UTRECHT, Netherlands (Reuters).”

EDIT #2: Wall Street Journal article on the conference


2 Responses to Level Up in Progress

  1. Matt K. says:

    You should still list this on your vita as “accepted”, with an URL to the abstract.

  2. Jason says:

    Oh, good. Didn’t realize that…

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