Want a phobia?

Pick one on the list. Not graphophobia – that one’s mine.


3 Responses to Graphophobia

  1. got mirrors? says:

    dood. if you’re curious, mike dombrowski’s girlfriend and fellow UMCP ENGL grad student, alie stien actually teaches kids with graphophobia. apparently it’s pretty f-ed up. i mean, they can’t even see a freakin’ stop sign without freaking out. seriously.

  2. Jason says:

    No kidding? That actually might be a pretty interesting diss. aside… hmmm.

  3. You can’t be serious! about “graphophobia” I mean. What does a freakin’ stop sign have to do with that word, anyway. I guess the root word “graph” conjured up a stop sign. Last time I looked, the word in question is fancy-schmancy for “fear of writing.” I don’t the know if there’s a word for fear of street signs, get back with you if I find one. Oops, I’d better STOP ‘fore it’s too late.

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