Cleaning out old e-mails. A list of things I don’t want to forget, but my e-mail quota won’t allow me to save.

Terra Nova Blog
from the e-mail circulated:

Authors are Hunter and Lastowka (authors of “The Laws of the Virtual Worlds”), Julian Dibbell (author of My Tiny Life and Wired contributing editor) and me (author of “Virtual Worlds: A First-Hand Account of Market and Society on the Cyberian Frontier”). The purpose of the blog is to report and comment on critical
developments in the area of emergent collective reality spaces, aka virtual worlds. Our focus is not on the worlds themselves but on the economic and legal implications of the behavior they generate.

An Intentionally Selective and Incomplete Bibliography of Play and Video
Games by Christian Sandvig and David Brandon’s column on Chris Crawford, game designer.

“Playing the Story, Computer Games as a Narrative Genre” by Jonas Carlquist

applied media and simulation games center (amsgc)

Journal of Virtual Environments (formerly: Journal of MUD Research):

Materials from “Academic Day” recently held at GDC Europe (and pictures on Jason Della Rocca’s blog) website

Matteo Bittanti – game blog

And finally – a slew of resources generated from the GamesNetwork Listserv “Games vs. Movies” Thread (to be sorted through later – and all credit to the list for submitting these): (caution – zip file)


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