March 14, 2005

The Blind Fragging the Blind

Michael Feir is an avid gamer. He spent so much time playing games in college he created his own online gaming magazine. But Feir doesn't play the best-selling games and has never seen World of Warcraft -- he's blind.

It doesn't matter. A growing library of computer games has been built specially for blind gamers, using sound instead of visuals to let players know what's going on around them.

This Wired article is about audio gameplay. It just makes you wonder how this style of play might permeate the traditional "video" game. Wouldn't audiogames be a great idea for mobile phone gaming?

Posted by Jason at March 14, 2005 6:30 AM | TrackBack

Indeed, Jason! Check out, the biggest online archive of audio games on the web. This website includes academic research in which the concept of audio games is taken further than 'just' accessible games for visually impaired gamers. Also check out Demor, a GPS location-based 3D- audio-shooter audio game.

Posted by: Richard at August 11, 2005 6:16 PM | Permalink to Comment
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