March 14, 2005


Misc. celebrates its second year today. Like chuck, I've enjoyed having the blog as a space for working through scholarship and musing on the random, the mundane, and - yes - the miscellaneous. With the job, the additions to family, and other things going on in my life, this space has allowed me to keep in touch with both scholars and friends, two categories that I can say with great fortune frequently overlap. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented during the past two years.

And happy birthday to Angry Robot.

Posted by Jason at March 14, 2005 1:10 PM | TrackBack

Type your dissertation, fool!

Posted by: Angry Robot at March 14, 2005 1:46 PM | Permalink to Comment

Happy Birtday, Miscellany...

Good advice, Robot...

Posted by: dave at March 14, 2005 2:04 PM | Permalink to Comment

Thanks dave.

Posted by: Jason at March 14, 2005 2:55 PM | Permalink to Comment

Congrats, Jason! Thanks for your role in tending to the "herd."

Posted by: Chuck at March 14, 2005 3:41 PM | Permalink to Comment

Have you started saving for your blogetirement?

Posted by: Matt K. at March 14, 2005 7:55 PM | Permalink to Comment

Thanks guys. Matt, I don't think you can retire before your are 72... at least, that seems to be the coming trend :-p

Posted by: Jason at March 15, 2005 9:59 AM | Permalink to Comment

You'll never retire, fool! Now write your dissertation!

Posted by: Angry Robot at March 15, 2005 10:06 AM | Permalink to Comment

Two birthdays! One for the blog and one for the blog mascot that charming bot replica.

O that's three birthdays: the blog, the bot mascot and the bot itself or rather the possession of the bot-like toy by the blog author.

And what's a birthday without some close reading of the visual record? Frowns always indicate anger? Arrows to the left on a semi-circle meter always indicate empty? Of course images can be flipped right to left... Of course stood on its head the bot image looks much more anger -- the furrowed brow, the anxious rings under the wide eyes.... Oh, are those really fists? Are they not more like clamps waiting to grasp? And what about those suction cup feet? How do the marking of receptivity align with anger which in many cultures is an expulsive emotion? Although the colour red would indicate a projection of a desire to stop something from happening which is of course often associated with expressions of anger...

I hope the bot toy, its image and the blog continue to provide many more opportunities for semiotic re-sitings and re-readings for many more birthdays to come. Green, red or otherwise.

I wonder what would happen to your perspective on the bot mascot if the little guy faced sideways? A coin's thin side can be as inspiring as heads or tails... very Janus-like ... to each beginning its end.

Posted by: Francois Lachance at March 15, 2005 10:20 AM | Permalink to Comment

Happy Blogoversary, Jason! oh... and you, too, Angry Robot. Here's one wordherder who's sheepish for not having remembered on her own.

Keep writing. I like reading your posts.

Posted by: CJ at March 15, 2005 10:56 AM | Permalink to Comment

Clamps probably would be a more accurate description Francois, though I'm not sure it makes Angry Robot any more personable ;) The suction cup feet - they are for balance as he stomps on my head and screams "Write fool, write!" Honestly, I'm not sure why I keep him around...

CJ - Thanks for reading ;)

Posted by: Jason at March 15, 2005 5:55 PM | Permalink to Comment

I am willing to wager that Angry Bot is kept around because the little toy creature was a gift from someone Jason cares very much about. BTW the mirror image of Angry Bot placed adjacent to the image of Angry Bot make a lovely set of twins that tile nicely for a desktop background. Also fun to run the reversed letters of "angry" i.e. "yrgna" through a search engine. ...

AB is a toy to remind one of playtime and playmates. Could AB also have a surname name beginning in "D"? Then ABD and Angry Bot D* would be like HCE in Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Posted by: Francois Lachance at March 16, 2005 4:01 PM | Permalink to Comment
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