April 7, 2003

Agonist a Plagiarist?

For the past few weeks, I have woken up, pounded out a few paragraphs of free writing, made some coffee, and then turned my attention to things global as I enjoy my first few sips. Usually, my morning reads include The Agonist, a site I've mentioned before on my blog. What was so wonderful about The Agonist is that I could sit down and read a combination of news sources about the day's events in Iraq. Generally, I saw a variety of viewpoints and it was much easier to digest than the 7CS (7 Click Spectrum of news agencies on coming through the TV cable box). And more than once, I wondered, how is The Agonist doing it?

In part, apparently, by copying directly from a privately owned intelligence service, as reported by Wired.

More thoughts on this later.

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