April 8, 2003

Staying in to play

John Paul Bichard announced his new project "Staying in to play" on the digiplay list today. Here's a clip of the description:

Bichard is developing a 3D video game environment during his 90 day on-line residency at the variablemedia.org site. Regular visitors will see the environment, structure and functionality of the game mutate and modify, towards an indeterminate end.

I took a brief glance this morning and was struck by two things. First, I was amazed at the environment (basic as it was) delivered by Shockwave. Once the world begins to mutate, I'm looking forward to examining this in more detail - will Shockwave allow an easily designable (I'm not sure how easily it was done) virtual world?

Second - it was empty. I only had a few minutes, but I wandered the mountains, hoping to spy something aside from the glorious green plume that marked my entrance point. No such luck - so I'll be checking back over the next few days to see how the world develops. I wonder if they are using some sort of tracking software to monitor the developments, or if, like many virtual worlds, the cleanliness and sparseness of the "new" disappears under the press of virtual bodies, towns, and homes.

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