April 7, 2003


I misplaced an hour somewhere. If you happen to see it, perhaps sitting lonesome and sorrowful in the lost and found box in a department store, could you retrieve it for me? Or at least let it know that I miss it?

Posted by Jason at April 7, 2003 8:32 AM | TrackBack

Try looking for it in Indiana or Arizona. They tend to hang on to their hours pretty tightly--never losing one, never finding one.

Posted by: chuck tryon at April 7, 2003 5:24 PM | Permalink to Comment

If Arizona and Indiana never gain nor lose, then my precious hour could not have escaped there, could it? Perhaps it rests in Groom Lake with all the other Area 51 obscurities, a captured hour in the imagination of America, destined to be a Fox special ... or perhaps it sits on the beach of Aruba, sipping a fruity drink, tanning?

Posted by: Jason at April 8, 2003 9:33 AM | Permalink to Comment
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