July 22, 2004

Serious Games Summit DC

Serious Games Summit DC
October 18-19
Washington DC

Serious Games are applications of interactive technology that extend far beyond the traditional videogame, including: training, policy exploration, analytics, visualization, simulation, education and health and therapy. These applications are allowing immersive training and modeling on a scale never before possible.

The Serious Games Summit DC gathers the leaders in this space to study successful applications of interactive technology, understand the fundamental process of building a game, and build relationships to work together on successful projects.

Public and private sector project leaders, policymakers, contractors, military personnel, government administrators, educators, and leading game creators are expected to be the primary attendees of this conference.

Register online at http://www.seriousgamessummit.com and use priority code:GFH4 to get an additional $25 discount on your pass.

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Games are sooo cooool.

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