February 20, 2004

Expose a Hidden Side

"Dating" left the following two comments - spam, of course, but oddly poetic in the insertion of random keywords in text mined elsewhere. If I had "HTML Comments" turned on, the words would have been links to Dating's various websites ... without their technological backing, the keywords look to find meaning elsewhere...

This kind of thing is imitated airfare badly and often by others, but Carson's credit card phraseology within poems remains ski vacation her own: "Rotate the husband and car rental expose a hidden side," she urges plane ticket early on
methodology, the deliverance, even) airfare as about a lot of other music - we credit card practiced several flows over the track ski vacation before we actually recorded the raps car rental - the finished product was surprisingly plane ticket credible

Rotate the husband and car rental... expose a hidden side.

By golly, there might not be enough monkeys and typewriters in the world, but spammers might well give us greater evidence of old cliches.

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Once again proving Aarseth's point that the mistakes of the "cyborg" author are its real attractions....

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