September 12, 2003

Media Notes

Johnny Cash (1932-2003)
John Ritter (1948-2003)

Chuck shares a recently discovered blog: gangstories. Only looked at a few entries so far, but it struck me as powerfully written.

Movies I Want to See (if we only had the time):
Lost in Translation
American Splendor
Dirty Pretty Things
Matchstick Men
Once Upon a Time in Mexico

TV Show to Tape:
Carnivale, HBO's new drama about carnies, healers, and bearded ladies that is set in the Dust Bowl days of 1934. Begins this Sunday at 9:45pm (EST).

Meanwhile, Lisa and I are consuming Law & Order and other crime dramas with a ferocity that would stun a heroin addict.

Fun Read:
A friend lent me Neverwhere, a novel by Neil Gaiman. We follow Richard, a young businessman, who helps a woman he finds bleeding on the street only to discover that doing so opens up an entirely new world while closing another. A good, quick, and fun contemporary fantasy read that plays off of some neat aspects of London geography and culture.

I can't get enough Coldplay lately.

To the rustle in the wind as millions of people simultaneously give RIAA the finger. Yeah, great, pick on children and grandparents. Poor you, getting stolen from, you price-fixing robber barons. Because we all know that a CD costs $20 to make, and that all that extra cash goes straight to the artists. [ok, stealing is wrong - and I never used Kazza or Napster for the record - but that doesn't mean the RIAA isn't a bunch of punks]

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