September 10, 2003

LOC Book Festival

The Library of Congress National Book Festival is set for October 4, 2003, on the National Mall.

One exhibit I'm game for (from the press release): " Paige Davis and Frank Bielec of the cable TV program "Trading Spaces," are among the authors who will appear in the "Home and Family" pavilion"

Maybe Frank'll come over and redo my office.

Posted by Jason at September 10, 2003 12:20 PM | TrackBack

I dunno. A) Frank and Paige, authors??? B) I'm not sure I'd be ready for Frank to do some kind of hand-painted chicken as an "art project" on my office wall, and I'm guessing your digs wouldn't take too kindly to it either.

Posted by: Ryan at September 10, 2003 3:39 PM | Permalink to Comment


Yes, part of the humor was the LOC stretch on "authorship" ...

But, as Someone Smart once asked, What is An Author? ;)

In any case, you've clearly not been watching your TS, because Frank is so beyond that whole hand-painted chicken stage. He's giving Vern a run for his money on subtle, stylish chic(ken). Stay tuned.

Posted by: Jason at September 10, 2003 3:52 PM | Permalink to Comment

chic(ken)-- now that's funny... who doesn't love 'em a little Trading Spaces. Perhaps the LOC is arguing that one could "author" a room the way one "authors" a text. Come to think of it, there's a Trading Spaces from the first season that Frank did that encorporated quotes from Shakespeare on the wall...

Posted by: CJ at September 11, 2003 12:30 PM | Permalink to Comment

You people are clearly out of my league as far as TS watching goes . . .

Posted by: Ryan at September 11, 2003 3:08 PM | Permalink to Comment
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