July 30, 2003


Well, no new pictures of the baby from the doctor’s visit today (another regular baby checkup). We did hear the baby’s heArtbeAt for the very first time (the sonogram machine from the last visit was not equipped with sound).

The sound of a baby heArtbeAt from the womb is curious, and hard to describe or replicate. To get the necessary echoing effect, you have to stick out your lips as though you were about to whistle, or perhaps to kiss your Aunt Margaret. Your tongue should rest against your back, upper molars, and you make a guttural sound, a dual-tone precursor to hawking a lugie repeated over and over at two different pitches and speeds. Short-long, short-long. Baby Morse Code for the letter “A”.

In any case, it was cool. No, it was brilliant.

Posted by Jason at July 30, 2003 3:11 PM | TrackBack

Very cool news, very interesting description!

Posted by: chuck at July 30, 2003 3:54 PM | Permalink to Comment

Wow--I didn't realize the prenatal experience was so synaesthetic! Cool.

Posted by: kari at July 31, 2003 10:17 AM | Permalink to Comment

"Peanut"'s heart is beating 150 beats per minute. Exactly on target, according to the literature. So, it's just as we expected. Baby Rhody is a perfectionist... (and perfection) even before birth. Please forgive the mad ravings of an incredibly proud mama.


Posted by: Lisa at July 31, 2003 1:04 PM | Permalink to Comment
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