July 22, 2003

A Class I'd Love to Teach

Check out Communications 480: Ethnography of On-Line Role-Playing Games [via Many2Many] - a course taught last semester at U. of Washington, where the class was required to play EverQuest during the semester and blog about it. For those who think such classes are feather-light, that 'play' is on top of a decent reading list, 2 exams, and a term paper.

Just a few years ago, I taught a two week module on Myst and found the students strangely resistant to it, although those same students had a blast during a class 'trip' to LambdaMoo ...

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yes, aaron's class rocks, n'est pas? also check out christian sandvig's Play and Technology Seminar http://www.spcomm.uiuc.edu/classes/SP03/396-5/

Posted by: dms at July 23, 2003 5:50 AM | Permalink to Comment

Nice bibliography on that class website. Thanks David!

Posted by: Jason at July 23, 2003 9:47 AM | Permalink to Comment
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