May 25, 2007

MT Issues

It seems that most of my posts these days have to do with trying to fix MT... and this is a quick note to say, I'm still trying to fix the Wordherder comments, and I'm very grateful for the help that George has been providing.

Hopefully we'll get stuff sorted out soon. I'll keep everyone posted.

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May 11, 2007

Writing and Games

From an interview about the forthcoming Mass Effect:

IGN: Mass Effect: The Write Stuff - AU Interview

IGN: In terms of novel-lengths, how many pages or books worth of writing would you estimate you've done for Mass Effect?

Drew Karpyshyn: Mass Effect has a word count of around 400,000 words - somewhere in the area of 4-5 full novels. But, unlike a novel, we also have visual images and other ways to tell a story. Our word count would be even higher if we had to describe settings or characters, but we actually have art and graphics to do that for us. I think a better comparison to give the full scope of our game is to use movie scripts. In Mass Effect, every line of dialog has full voice over, and we have 20,000 lines of dialog - roughly the equivalent of 20 movies. That seems like a lot - and it is - but it's necessary to keep a player engaged in our game and story for the 20 hour critical path.

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