March 16, 2006

Herder Outing to Ballet Mechanique and Dada Exhibit at NGA

A Reminder and Invitation for a cultural outing and herder gathering:

Herders, friends, relatives, significant others/spouses, affiliates, kind strangers...

This Saturday, March 18, at 12:30pm

We will be gathering to witness the 1pm show of the Ballet Mechanique at the National Gallery. Afterwards, we will tour the Dada exhibit and then go out for a late lunch / early dinner somewhere in DC. I imagine that we'll probably spend at least an hour or two in the exhibit, so don't show up starving.

See my blogpost for details:

WE WILL MEET on the mezzanine, next to the entrance to the Dada exhibit hall, where the Ballet Mechanique is
set up. At 12:30ish (the show starts at 1pm, and lasts about 10 minutes - so better to be early than late).

Send an email to me if you need my mobile #, in case you need to get in touch. If I'm in metro, or underground, or in a
sunspot or something, don't blame me. Just call again or send a txt.

Please email me at some point if you plan to attend, just so I can get a head count and think about places to get lunch. If anyone has suggestions for eating spots, I'm all ears.

Here's a wired magazine article that may be of interest:

Also see

NO, SERIOUSLY, WHO'S YOUR DADA? (like I could pass that up)
The information about the Dada exhibit at the National Gallery is here.

Remember! If you bring a large purse or bag, the guards will likely make you check it, so either pack small and light or plan for extra time to get through security.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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