January 3, 2005


(Yet Another Game of The Year Awards)

But wait! It's a little different, because this one doesn't list any of the H2s (Halo2, Half-Life 2, etc.).

Game Tunnel has released their Independent Games of the Year awards. The #6 entry, Anito: Defend a Land Enraged, also won their 2004 RPG Game of the Year Award.

GameTunnel writes:

Play the game as Agila, and you will progress through the towns talking to key people in the towns, moving on to try and spread peace while trying to determine where your father has gone. Returning to play the game as Maya, gives players a completely different story in addition to adding a new perspective to what has really been occurring. It is amazing as you talk to some of the same characters and go to some of the same buildings how players can be involved in the same plot, but interacting in a completely different way depending on who they chosen to play as. Players discuss different things with the characters and come to understand different facets of the same storyline. The way the two storylines were woven together in addition to providing so much intrigue and mystery is something that any true adventure fan should experience.

Sounds interesting...

Anito also was a finalist in the 2004 Independent Games Festival.

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