September 5, 2003

Serial MMoRPGs

I just learned from Klastrup's Cataclysms that Lisbeth received a newsletter from Star Wars Galaxies claiming (quoting Lisbeth here):

Two interesting items: first, they claim they are, after a month, the second largest massively multiplayer game in the US (after EverQuest). And they introduce a Monthly Story which, at least this month, seem to consist of treasure hunt kinda quest.

Lisbeth adds "It could be highly interesting to study how engaged players are and will be in this monthly "story"."

The idea of a monthly story is what captured my imagination in Asheron's Call, eventually leading to about 2.5 years of pretty consistent play on my part. Asheron's Call has had, since the Sudden Season event in December of 1999, a montly update that includes both long and short term story features. So far, they've had several story arcs that have lasted nearly a year each...

So I too will be interested to see how Star Wars Galaxies fares as they try their hand at a serial storyline...

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