March 17, 2003

Distilled my previous website into

Distilled my previous website into a few pages [look to the right ---> ] detailing research interests, classes I've taught, etc. I'm still sorting out the role for this blog - part advertisement for occasional freelance jobs, part musing space, part confessional, part playground. I've enjoyed finding the tools that have built up around the blogging community - not disimilar in context to gaming mods/plug-ins, like the decal projects for Asheron's Call, a MMoRPG I've played for 3+ years.

A few of the blogging tools I've found useful thus far:

All Consuming, which lets you list books you are reading.

BlogRolling, which helps you maintain link lists.

Of course, the paranoid side of me thinks maybe I should just disconnect my cable modem while I'm still ahead...

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